About Us

HOME SMART is a building material supermarket with “ONE-STOP SHOPPING FOR BUILDING MATERIAL AND HOME FURNISHING” concept which was established in 2005 in Medan.

The first store of Home Smart was opened to public on 8thDecember 2005 and the Grand Opening was on 22nd January 2006, located ON JL. JEND. GATOT SUBROTO NO.102, MEDAN- INDONESIA, with an area of 5500m2, and building 2x5000m2.

The opening of this first store also confirmed HOME SMART as the pioneer of supermarket with the concept of “One-Stop Shopping For Building Material and Home Furnishing” in Medan. Our present in the city of Medan has served as the solution for consumers who want the ease and comfort while shopping building materials and home appliances.

In the beginning, HOME SMART only focused on retail business for end-users, however along with the interest of customers which were not end-users, HOME SMART has added a new distribution and project division which serves wholesale sales to Retailers, Contractors, Designers, and Developers.

With our commitment and consistency to provide customer satisfaction, until today we are continuously  expand and enhance our products quality, human resources, even other supporting facilities. Till recently, we have just opened our second store at Ranto Prapat on February 26, 2014. The store’s address is Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.63, Rantau Prapat.

The HOME SMART  is one of the largest home improvement specialty retailers, headquartered in Medan North Sumatra, Indonesia.  The HOME SMART was founded in 2005.

“Home Smart, The Right Choice For The Smart One”